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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Turquoise Rosettes!

Here are new applique styles!

Rosettes ;-)

They are so shabby chic and too cute

Order one today while they last...I only have about 20 to offer in this fabric and they are gone!

With these appliques I can add them to a barrette, shoe clip, brooch pin, or even elastic headbands!!  The possibilities are endless

Friday, September 28, 2012


Yes I decided why do the Little Miss's get all of the fun/cute stuff?

So Introducing Satin Flower Shoe Clips and Brooches ;-)  Aren't they adorable?!?

More pics to come featuring the Satin Flowers as Brooches

I will be creating more colors if anyone is interested please contact me I can also do custom orders!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tutu's FOR SALE!

Yep that's right

Tutu's for your Little Miss ;-)

Sorry guys this Tutu has been SOLD (in less than 20 hours pretty darn good I might say so myself!) ;-)  If you would like to order one please let me know.  I have the following colors (I can mix colors like in the tutu pictured...Turquoise and Coral would be adorable!):

Ballet Pink
Shocking Pink
Fuchsia Polka Dot
Baby blue
Ivory Glitter

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


HI!  Sorry I have 2 complaints that the email address has not worked.  If you ever get any returned emails please contact me here on the blog.  Sorry for the issues...I will get with Google as well :-/

Monday, September 10, 2012

Handmade for Clients

These beauties were created specifically for a few recent clients

If you see anything you like let me know I can hand make any of these on any of my available ribbons!  Email me at for details and pricing

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ribbons Available!

Here are the ribbons I CURRENTLY have available for YOUR Little Miss's clips...NEW ONES on top
Girly Skulls
Brown/Pink/Red Vertical Stripe

faux lace on blue (it is a navy blue)

faux lace on pink

faux lace on red



Blue Bateau


Purple Hearts

Black and White Stripes

Christmas Trees

Pink Stitches

Pink Brown Hearts

Hello Kitty

Candy Cane Stripes
Stars - white, pink, blue, green, red, orange
Pink with black and white dots
White Rock Stars
Light Blue Flowers
Mauve Purple with dots

Pink Gingham
Teal Purple Gingham
Pink with Gold waves
Purple Gingham

Baby Blue with Dots

Russian Dolls - Not suitable for Classic Barrettes (only LARGE Bows)

Green Flowers

Brown Hearts2
Multi Striped
Pink w Fuchsia Flowers

Velour Teal

Velour Pink


Brown Diamonds
These are 4 different ribbons Flag Hearts, Buttons, Flowers and Hearts (These are simple ribbons to go with Bows and Appliques)

Green Pink Stripes

Pink w Gold Trim

Multi Pinks/Purple

White with wavy pink

Brown Hearts w Faux Stitch

Dark Purple Scalloped with White Dots
Green Scalloped with White Dots
Bunting Banner (aka Triangular Flags)

Pink Hello Kitty

Chevron Pinks
Heart Cherries
Brown with Pink and Blue Dots
Sparkly Pink/Gold/Silver
Red with Silver Sparkles
Purple Cupcakes

Light Purple with White Stitches
Sailing - white anchors
Christmas Presents
Blue Satin with Pink/Yellow Flowers
Liberty White with Purple Flowers
Black with Pink Lines